Sucess Story


The lady in the picture was far braver than her orthodontist, viz. me. She came at around age 50 years and that too with rheumatoid arthritis. She came because she wanted to set her teeth right, to be able to smile without embarrassment.

It wasn’t just about closing the spaces. Her lower front teeth were shaking considerably and without braces, she would surely have lost them in a few days.
What braces did for her, was to reduce the mobility of those lower teeth from grade III to grade I with subsequent splinting. Unfortunately, her implants could not integrate due to her arthritis. Her replacements are underway.
But the point is, give things a fair try!

2. A Labour of Love

To begin with, this girl had a complete upper midline shift to the right with the canine buccally blocked out, over-retained upper left E with the underlying premolar positioned perpendicular to it’s ideal position. There was of course, the asymmetric Molar relationship.

This was my approach –
Asymmetric extraction – 14, 25 and 34 (as unconventional as it gets)
Asymmetric open-coil spring and intraoral elastics to shift the upper midline towards the left.
It took me a real exhaustive 3 years and a very co-operative patient to achieve this result. As for room for improvement, there certainly is and I’d like to hear it from you all!!

3. When God gives you a crazy set of teeth, go see an Orthodontist!

This boy had too many teeth in his upper jaw and too few in the lower jaw. To be precise, four permanent teeth were naturally missing in his lower jaw. The correction in the upper jaw then required removal of four teeth.
To summarise, he has eight less teeth than the average person!! But a far charming smile than what he came with.

4. Better late than never!!

This 40 something man walked in for braces as the spaces between his teeth were bothering him. Not only has his set of teeth improved for a more presentable smile, his gum levels have also become better through sheer tooth movement.
A lot of middle aged and older patients are now willing to undergo orthodontic treatment as these possibilities were probably not available to them back in their youth.


It takes only a moment to share the results of orthodontic treatment on social media, but it takes 24, sometimes 36 months of discipline and careful planning and treatment execution, sometimes bordering Zen practice!!!
But all of it is always worth our while, when we see the final smile..

6. Done and Dusted!!!

But always room for us orthodontists to grow!
However, the patient is smiling away to glory..