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Traditionally, braces have been thought of as a treatment to improve the crooked teeth of only teenage boys and girls. At The Bombay Braces, we would like to dispel this myth and encourage you to get braces at whatever age you are!

Meet Dr.Sneha Hukmani

The Orthodontist

I believe in a two way communication, and at every stage throughout your braces treatment, I would love to have inputs from you. Having had braces myself, I shall try to make your treatment as painless and smooth as possible.

Meet Dr.Sanket Sheth

The Orthodontist

Essentially, I have specialized in root canal treatments, and these, done by me, are a completely painless and quick procedure. At The Bombay Braces, I provide general dental care to our Orthodontic patients, including extractions, fillings, root canal treatments

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Only Braces specialists(Orthodontists)carry out your treatment.
Treatment plans are customized for each patient. Bespoke smiles if you will!
Flexible payment plans are offered. We care for your convenience.
Competitive reductions in treatment cost on upfront payment.
1. Only Braces specialists(Orthodontists)carry out your treatment.
2.  Treatment plans are customized for each patient. Bespoke smiles if you will!
3. The same doctor carries out your entire treatment. Doctors do not keep changing.
4.   Flexible payment plans are offered. We care for your convenience.
5.  Competitive reductions in treatment cost on upfront payment.

Awards Secured

1: First prize in Final year BDS for Periodontics awarded by ISP

2: Secured award for best paper titled “Bridging the gap – An Ortho-Prostho Interdisciplinary Effort” in the Zonal PG Convention held at Sri Ramachandra University, Chennai on 18 – 19 June 2011


The lady in the picture was far braver than her orthodontist, viz. me. She came at around age 50 years and that too with rheumatoid arthritis. She came because she wanted to set her teeth right, to be able to smile without embarrassment.

It wasn’t just about closing the spaces. Her lower front teeth were shaking considerably and without braces, she would surely have lost them in a few days.
What braces did for her, was to reduce the mobility of those lower teeth from grade III to grade I with subsequent splinting. Unfortunately, her implants could not

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integrate due to her arthritis. Her replacements are underway.
But the point is, give things a fair try!

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