Traditionally, braces have been thought of as a treatment to improve the crooked teeth of
only teenage boys and girls. At The Bombay Braces, we would like to dispel this myth and
encourage you to get braces at whatever age you are!

the people

Dr.Sneha Hukmani. The Orthodontist.

I believe in a two way communication, and at every stage throughout your braces treatment, I would love to have inputs from you. Having had braces myself, I shall try to make your treatment as painless and smooth as possible.

Dr.Sanket Sheth. The Endodontist.

Essentially, I have specialized in root canal treatments, and these, done by me, are a completely painless and quick procedure. At The Bombay Braces, I provide general dental care to our Orthodontic patients, including extractions, fillings, root canal treatments.

0-6 years

Prevention is better than cure!

7-12 years

Faster treatment as they grow!

13-20 years

Early correction, better confidence!

20-30 years

Look alive!

30-40 years

Better late than never!

40 years and above

Here's your chance after all these years!

Metal braces

Metal braces are the most
common type of braces. They are
made of high grade stainless
steel and are appropriate for all
kinds of treatment.

Ceramic braces

These are tooth coloured and are
generally used by patients who
want to minimize the visibility of
their braces.

Self-ligating metal braces

Faster treatment with easy hygiene

Self-ligating ceramic braces

Invisible braces

Clear aligners - Cannot be
seen and are removable

Lingual braces

Stuck to inside of teeth, so
cannot be seen from outside

Initial consultation

At the Bombay Braces, we will first
get to know your expectations
regarding treatment result, per-
form a complete check up of your
teeth and bite, before outlining
potential treatment options for
your individual problems
and concerns.

Record collection

Before fixing the braces, for every
patient as a rule, we ask for cer-
tain X-rays(OPG, lateral cephalo-
gram), take digital photographs of
the face and the teeth and make study
models of the teeth. These records
are thoroughly evaluated and in
combination with the clinical ex-
amination, a suitable treatment
plan is made.

Need for tooth removal

For braces to align the crooked
teeth or take back the "buck
teeth", often certain teeth need to
be removed under anaesthe-
sia. The number of teeth to be re-
moved varies from patient to pa-
tient and depends on severity of
the problem.
*Every patient does not
necessarily require tooth removal .

Fixing the braces

Fixing all the components of the
braces is time consuming, so we
break it up into 2-3 visits of about
45 minutes each for your comfort
and convenience.
Once the braces are fixed, ap-
pointments are scheduled regu-
larly at an interval of 1 month till
the end of treatment.

Caring for your braces

Getting he braces fixed is just the
first step! For a good treatment
outcome, we need to you to be fully committed to following our



Once a day after brushing
(preferably at night), you need to
rinse your mouth with a fluoride
mouth rinse that will be prescribed
to you by your Orthodontist. read more


Why is The Bombay Braces perfect for you?

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